Gary Hall


David Buchanan

"I have known and worked with Gary Hall for over four years, and he is
a professional of the utmost caliber. I consider him both a colleague
and a friend."

David Eastbrook

"Gary is one of the very best people I've ever worked with. His
knowledge, insight, decisiveness, and professionalism are as good as
it gets. I've known Gary for a long time, and we have become good
friends as well as colleagues."

Mike Chu

"Gary and I have worked together for several years now. Not only does
he know online advertising, he is able to help other companies do what
they're doing better. He epitomizes the image, energy and get-it-done
attitude that it takes to get a relationship or company off the
ground. A superb networker and relentless in his pursuit to get things

Angelina Zdorovytska

"Gary is a very easy person to work with, very outgoing, friendly. He
has relationships with many people in the industry, good networker.
It is a pleasure working with Gary"

Blake Bookstaff

"Gary is probably the most get it done type individual I know. He
always was coming up with creative and profitable ways to do business
together. I always enjoyed working with him and found him to be great
to work with, a great resource and a friend. I would highly endorse

Jennifer Prince

"Gary has been a great asset to He is the face to business
development/media, and does a great job networking in the LA market.
Gary's energy is contagious, and that translates to wanting to do
business with him. Gary has always been proactive in working with my
company, and he has great follow through."

Kevin J. Carney

"Gary is one of the more enjoyable clients that I have had the good
fortune of working with during my career. His clear and concise
communication of exactly what his goals were, and his ideas as to how
we could accomplish them together, made for a successful and
pleasurable partnership. I highly endorse Gary and hope to have the
opportunity to work with him again in the future."

Rick Bennink

"I would have to say that Gary Hall is one of the top industry people I
know. Over the past 5 years I have known him he has become a close
friend as well. He is one of the top people in our business."

Jeff Stibel

"Gary’s strategic thinking makes him a fantastic business development
leader capable of structuring creative mutual partnerships. As a
friend and someone who has completed numerous transactions with Gary,
I recommend him strongly."

Todd Geller

"We have known each other going on 6 years. I personally would hold
Gary in the highest regards. First working with Gary as a client and
then together at the same company. Currently, we are working together
again as a client of each other. Gary's dedication, perseverance,
and integrity are at a forefront and I would personally endorse him in
any way I could."